Volunteers Needed!!!

We have the need for several volunteers and are reaching out to the membership in hopes that a few people will step up to fill these needs. The success of the club lies in the membership and how it supports the needs of the club. As a club, we’re only as good as our volunteers.

1. Club President, Bob Miller, is looking for some help with the Club Field Trips. In addition to his President duties, Bob has been organizing and leading the trips for a couple of years now and could use some help. Bob’s willing to work with someone to transition the coordination and leading of the field trips. If you’re interested in leading the field trips, please get in touch with Bob at rwmillerjr@yahoo.com.

2. Joe Sclafani is heading up our new club program on Mentoring and is looking for volunteers to serve on a committee. Kathleen Brady is also on the committee. If you’re interested in either being a mentor or getting help from a mentor, this is a great opportunity to help Joe and Kathleen structure the Mentoring Program for the club. Please get in touch with Joe at jdsclafani@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out.

3. We are also looking for 1 or more volunteers to perform some very simple jobs in the photo lab – things like managing the free stuff members donate, the prints on the print shelves, and the bulletin board. These tasks are very simple and won’t take much time at all, but need someone’s personal touch. Please contact Bob Miller at rwmillerjr@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

As an enticement – Did I mention that all volunteers get access to the Photo Lab outside the normal Lab hours (as long as the Lab isn’t booked for a function)? This is the same access the Lab Monitors receive. This is very handy if you’re trying to do some printing and mounting or trying to scan in some prints or slides, etc.

Thanks for your help and support,