Project Guidlines

Participating in the Portfolio Project is  a commitment over time to take photographs based on a theme that you choose, in an attempt to improve your skills.

This is NOT a photo sharing site

You will be required to post 16 images by the 31st August 2019
You should choose a theme which is  challenging  and  relatively narrow,  as an example a theme of “Florida Birds ” would be too broad, but “Spoonbills in Flight”  would be a challenging theme. You will be required to choose a theme and stick with it.
You MUST name your project Gallery with your Chosen Theme in the Album Description section under the Edit Album button of your Album, so that other project participants will have context when they view your album.

  • Your images must be in .jpg file format
  • please title your image
  • The file must be smaller than 9Mb
  • The image must be less than 4500 pixels and greater than 800 pixels on the longest side

When posting or critiquing you should concentrate on the Technical’s,  Composition, Focus, Exposure, adherence to your chosen theme and the impact. The use of photo editing software is encouraged

You will receive an Email whenever your image is critiqued.
In critiquing  others images you should be honest,  not only pointing out the bad points but also the good, and be prepared to accept the bad in the spirit it is given.
You may remove an image, modify it and  re-post it  if you wish. but be aware any critique of the original image will be  removed also

In October we plan to have a special meeting where portfolios will be shown as slide shows.

The project will be successful if those taking part participate to the full in a spirit of cooperation and learning.

Further help is available in the  Club Forum

Enjoy Your Club Project