Quad Competition

Every year our club participates in a four club contest for bragging rights. It is always a very challenging competition.

This year the competition was held in the Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, and hosted by the Lakewood Ranch club. Every club submits 15 color, and 10 mono photos into the competition for a total of 100 photos. They have 3 judges that rate each photo from 0 – 100, and then give each photo an average score from all three judges. If there is a significant difference between the judges scores (8 – 10 points between the high and low score) they have the judges explain their reasoning.

We used our 3 three certified judges (Rolf Sulzberger, Bobbie Ray, and Jack Migliore) to select our entries from the photos submitted. The guidelines for submission are:

1. Each club will submit 15 Color and 10 Mono
2. Prints are to be mounted on 16×20 Matte board or foam core with photographers name, title of photo and club affiliation in upper right hand corner. (we were led to believe that they must be submitted on black board, but there were some that were submitted on white)
3. A maximum of 3 photos per photographer is permitted. If a club member is affiliated with more than one club – the maximum of 3 photos still applies (not 3 from each club). (We did have some of our members submit photos with other clubs)
4. Prints may not have been used in previous Quad competitions.

Our club finished in second place, which is commendable considering the quality of the photos in the competition. The final finish of the clubs was:

1. Sarasota Camera Club
2. Sun City Center Photo Club
3. Lakewood Ranch Photo Club
4. DPA Photo Club

The average score of the Sarasota Club was 77.4 and the average score for the SCC club was 77.3. I think you can appreciate how close the competition was. I have not verified this, but I believe we were in the lead after the color competition and lost ground in the mono category. We might want to consider as a club, how we can generate more mono prints.

Next years competition will be hosted by the DPA club.