September 2018 Results

Judge: Dr Christine Cook

Digital Color

Title Full Name Level Score
Water Drop Goblet Gayle Fischer Ad 15   Gold
Paint Drops Gayle Fischer Ad 14   Silver
Rainbow Beginning and End kathy vitale Ad 13
Pin Feathers Barbara Klimczak Ad 12
Are you sure this is the right way? kathy vitale Ad 11
Monarch Gathering Nectar Kathryn Griffith Ad 11
Majestic Tiger Barbara Klimczak Ad 10
Dazzling Dahlia Kathryn Griffith Ad 9
Death in Paradise Robert Winch Ad 9
Tea pot in barn window Rose Stack Int 14  Gold
A thoroughbred Shetland Pony Wally Erickson Int 13  Silver
Flock of Birds, Gaggle of Geese, Pile of Puffins Kai Rambow Int 12
Sailboat and lighthouse, Lake Michigan Bob Sanchez Int 12
Garbage can with tree Rose Stack Int 11
Reflections on Jellybean Row Kai Rambow Int 11
Beaver Islander and Lighthouse Bob Sanchez Int 10
Breakfast Fresh Wally Erickson Int 10
Just Hanging Out Kai Rambow Int 10
Kayak Sale Wally Erickson Int 10
Evening ferryboat Bob Sanchez Int 9
Reflection of Beauty Pat Jones Ma 15  Gold
Smile for Mommie Stan Lipski Ma 15  Gold
Ghost town of Bodie Carol Feldhauser Ma 13
Tropical Costa Rican Beauty… Jack Migliore Ma 13
Reflections of Butterflies in the Mirror Pat Jones Ma 12
Sitting on a Limb Pat Jones Ma 9
Purple Crocus Charles Davanzo Un 14  Gold
When I Grow Up Marcia Timmins Un 14  Gold
Out Buildings Charles Davanzo Un 13
Black Eyed Suzy Charles Davanzo Un 12
Mouth Full of Bugs Bill McDonald Un 12

Digital Mono

Title Full Name Level Score
My Head Is Stuck Barbara Klimczak Ad 14   Gold
Jordanian Desert kathy vitale Ad 13   Silver
Chicago street snowfall Rose Stack Int 13   Silver
Caught in the Rain Stan Lipski Ma 15   Gold
Queen of the Aerial Silks… Jack Migliore Ma 14   Silver
Refreshing Hydration… Jack Migliore Ma 13
Classic black & white Carol Feldhauser Ma 12

 Digital Creative

Title Full Name Tp Cat score
Face of Innocense Bobbie Ray Dig Cr 15   Gold
I Got the Blues Bobbie Ray Dig Cr 15   Gold
Out of Africa Bobbie Ray Dig Cr 15   Gold
Ginger Plant Carol Feldhauser Dig Cr 14
Green Eyed Tree Bill McDonald Dig Cr 14
Flame Train Gayle Fischer Dig Cr 13
Black White and Green Stan Lipski Dig Cr 13
Harnessing the wave Robert Miller Dig Cr 13
Alien Butterfly Madlyn Blom Dig Cr 12
When Pigs Fly Madlyn Blom Dig Cr 12
Alien Tic Robert Miller Dig Cr 12
Seaside Silhouette Robert Miller Dig Cr 12
Balloon in Lightbulb Bill McDonald Dig Cr 12
Quiet Evening Pleasures Madlyn Blom Dig Cr 11
Osprey Nest Globe Marcia Timmins Dig Cr 10

Print Color

Title Full Name Level score
Ancient One Gary Pate Un 13   Silver
Bovine Feast Susan Fader Un 13   Silver
Dinner By the Lake Connie Morgan Un 12
View from the Balcony Robert Winch Ad 13   Silver
Walkway To Bug Light Kathryn Griffith Ad 11

Print Mono

Title Full Name Level Score
Whats That Noise Madlyn Blom Ad 14  Gold
Mud Games Madlyn Blom Ad 13  Silver
I Have No Words Madlyn Blom Ad 12
The Old and the New – Tappan Zee Bridge, New York Allen Maser Int 11
The World Trade Center Stop an the New York City Subway Allen Maser Int 10
Checking… Counting… Hoping… Jack Migliore Ma 14  Gold
Caribbean Women Pat Jones Ma 13  Silver
Grand Canyon View Robert Miller Ma 13  Silver
Gray Wolf Carol Feldhauser Ma 13  Silver
Mountain Retreat Robert Miller Ma 13  Silver
This Sky will Conquer… Jack Migliore Ma 13  Silver
Fishing with a Net! Pat Jones Ma 12
Mystic Camera Robert Miller Ma 12
Un Fleur Noir… Jack Migliore Ma 12
Warrior Pat Jones Ma 12
White Rose Reflection Gary Pate Un 13  Silver
Beginning of Time Bill McDonald Un 12
Her World Through Lace Curtains Marcia Timmins Un 12
Wayward Winds Bill McDonald Un 12