March 2018 Results

Digital Color

Title Full Name Level Score
Enjoying Key Largo Breezes Madlyn Blom Ad 14   Gold
Island Rowers kathy vitale Ad 14   Gold
Sea Flower kathy vitale Ad 14   Gold
Vibrant Beauty Kathryn Griffith Ad 14   Gold
Beauty And The Beast Kathryn Griffith Ad 13
Heart of the wheel erica Collins Ad 13
Out on a Limb Ron Shackelford Ad 13
Toughin It Ron Shackelford Ad 13
Along the Thames Ron Shackelford Ad 12
Columbian Magic WALLY ERICKSON Ad 12
End of the line Robert Miller Ad 12
Panama Fruit Sales WALLY ERICKSON Ad 12
Lets Do Dessert First WALLY ERICKSON Ad 11
Mount Piscus Climb Madlyn Blom Ad 11
Octopus on the move kathy vitale Ad 11
Well Fed Alligator Barbara Klimczak Int 15   Gold
Raccoon Orphans Tom Bredesen Int 14   Silver
Sea Lion with Pup George Seeley Int 14   Silver
Ice Donkey Tom Bredesen Int 13
Jeremiah Tom Bredesen Int 13
The perfect pear Rose Stack Int 13
Moon Drop Gayle Fischer Int 12
Shell Art Barbara Klimczak Int 12
Tomatoes in box Rose Stack Int 12
Marine Iguana George Seeley Int 11
BERRY GOOD WARBLER… Jack Migliore Ma 14   Gold
Late Night Bobbie Ray Ma 14   Gold
Overshooting the Runway… Jack Migliore Ma 14   Gold
Painted Bloom Pat Jones Ma 14   Gold
Rufous Hummingbird Carol Feldhauser Ma 14   Gold
Petals Out… Anthers Up… Jack Migliore Ma 13
Solitary Egret Carol Feldhauser Ma 13
Blue Heron Pat Jones Ma 11

Digital Mono

Title Full Name Level Score
Above the Clouds Bobbie Ray Ma 13   Silver
Queen of Hearts Janet Gurley Booker Un 14   Gold
Losing Mark Janet Gurley Booker Un 13   Silver

Digital Creative

Title Full Name Score
Shocking Faux Eclipse Robert Miller 15    Gold
Classic Hood art Carol Feldhauser 15    Gold
Vintage Tulips Bobbie Ray 15    Gold
Bok Tower Abstract Kathryn Griffith 14
Four Wheeler Robert Miller 14
Floating Diamond Gayle Fischer 14
New star is born Rose Stack 14
Pop Goes The Light Bulb Gayle Fischer 14
Out of Africa Madlyn Blom 13

Print Color

Title Full Name Level score
What,What Barbara Klimczak Int 14   Gold
Feeding Time George Seeley Int 13   Silver
King of the Hill Allen Maser Int 12
Butt to Butt Allen Maser Int 11
Red Beard Rolf Sulzberger Ma 14   Gold
Chalk Art Pat Jones Ma 13   Silver

Print Mono

Title Full Name Level Score
Come on in Robert Miller Ad 13   Silver
Smoky Mountain Trails Robert Miller Ad 13   Silver
Your ride awaits Robert Miller Ad 12
Arent I Cute George Seeley Int 13   Silver
Raw Cacao Boxes Barbara Klimczak Int 13   Silver
Tortoies George Seeley Int 13   Silver
Cat Bird Berry Festival… Jack Migliore Ma 15   Gold
Great Blue Stalker… Jack Migliore Ma 15   Gold
Clay Creation Pat Jones Ma 14
Happy Hooker Pat Jones Ma 14
Skim Marks… Jack Migliore Ma 14
Splash of Water Pat Jones Ma 14
Morning Chat Gary Pate Un 14   Gold
African Cape Buffalo Jim Stewart Un 13   Silver