January 2019 Results

 Judge James Corwin Johnson

Digital Color

Natural Redhead Barbara Klimczak Ad 12 silver
Passion Flower kathy vitale Ad 12 silver
Necking Robert Winch Ad 12 silver
At the loom kathy vitale Ad 11
Coat of Many Colors Barbara Klimczak Ad 11
The Knave at Wells Robert Winch Ad 11
Fort Jefferson Ron Shackelford Ad 10
Just Resting Ron Shackelford Ad 10
Rue de la Harpe, Paris Kathryn Griffith Ad 10
Walkway 7th Avenue, Ybor City Kathryn Griffith Ad 10
Blue Bloom Gary Pate Int 12 silver
Chance of Frost Tom Bredesen Int 11
Searching for lunch Erica Collins Int 11
Survived the Holidays Tom Bredesen Int 11
Crossing the Mississipi Wally Erickson Int 10
Cuban Whistling Duck Erica Collins Int 10
Hong Kong Sampan Erica Collins Int 10
Droplet Spring Riders Gayle Fischer Ma 14 gold
He is a lubber Jack Migliore Ma 14 gold
Space Invaders Gayle Fischer Ma 14 gold
calm before the storm Carol Feldhauser Ma 13
Old Glory Water Drop Gayle Fischer Ma 13
Snowy Owl Carol Feldhauser Ma 13
The Royal Lady Pat Jones Ma 13
White Water Rolf Sulzberger Ma 13
Burrowing Owl Stare down Carol Feldhauser Ma 12
Fishing for Dinner Stan Lipski Ma 11
The Amish Way Rolf Sulzberger Ma 11
Eerie cargo transport Jack Migliore Ma 10
Morning Illumination Bobbie Ray Ma 10
Surf boarding Harold Siskin Un 15 gold
Cormorantfish Jim Mclellan Un 14 silver
milkweed pod Ann Jacques Un 14 silver
Pink Flower Paul Stebelton Un 13
cathedral girl Jim Mclellan Un 12
love to play the bagpipes Ann Jacques Un 12
Shapes and shades of nature Harold Siskin Un 12
Sunny Side Down Marcia Timmins Un 12
Sunrise at Sunshine Paul Stebelton Un 11
White Bird Paul Stebelton Un 10

Digital Creative

Dancing on the moon kathy vitale Ad 10
Sandhill Crane in a Circle! Pat Jones Ma 14 gold
Sunset Reflection Globe Robert Miller Ma 14 gold
I See Clowns Rolf Sulzberger Ma 13
Tilted Teacups Bobbie Ray Ma 13
Wheel in Autumn Robert Miller Ma 12
Vintage Uber Pat Jones Ma 11
Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Len Farrell Un 14 gold
Glimpse of a Mermaid Marcia Timmins Un 13 silver

Digital Mono

What Happened Here Barbara Klimczak Ad 11
Old Sugar Refinery Ron Shackelford Ad 10
Ice Poodle Tom Bredesen Int 13 silver
Five Oclock Wally Erickson Int 11
Secret Kept Gary Pate Int 11
Ghost hangout Wally Erickson Int 10
Queen of the arial silks Jack Migliore Ma 14 gold
Circles and lines Stan Lipski Ma 12 silver
Abandoned and Tagged Bobbie Ray Ma 11
Lifeguard shack at sunset Stan Lipski Ma 10
mirror lake Jim Mclellan Un 10

Print Color

Face Painting Len Farrell Un 12 silver
Reaching For Daylight Gary Pate Int 11
Valley of Fire Bruno Graziano Ad 12 silver

Print Creative

Sunflower Dosey Doe Robert Miller Ma 12 silver

Print Mono

Sweetheart Forest Bruno Graziano Ad 14 gold
A Song and A Smile Gary Pate Int 12 silver
Wild Perfection Wally Erickson Int 11
Equestrian Rider Pat Jones Ma 14 gold
Peaceful Serenity Pat Jones Ma 14 gold
pensive cattle egret Jack Migliore Ma 14 gold
Checking counting hoping Jack Migliore Ma 13
Windy days are here again Jack Migliore Ma 13
Ybor at Night Robert Miller Ma 13
Big Wheel Keeps on Turning Robert Miller Ma 12
Artistic Brush Art Pat Jones Ma 11
Lazy Stream Robert Miller Ma 11
Helping Hands Len Farrell Un 14 gold
Surf The Foam Len Farrell Un 13 silver
Follow the Ball Len Farrell Un 11