Competition Rankings

For all of 2022

If your name does not appear on this list you  compete as Unassigned

Grand Master (GM) is an honorary achievement award and competes as a Master (for life)



Name 3 year average score Category
Bobbie Ray Master GM
Jack Migliore Master GM
Pat Jones Master GM
Jackie hanson Master GM
Rolf Sulzberger Master GM
Harold Siskin Master GM
Christina Brittain Master GM
Ann Jacques Master GM
Sue McBride 13.67 Master
Bruno Graziano 13.40 Master
Madlyn Blom 12.59 Advanced
Barbara Klimczak 12.57 Advanced
Tom Alcumbrack 12.56 Advanced
Tom Bredesen 12.45 Advanced
Gary Pate 12.43 Intermediate
Joe Sclafani 12.41 Intermediate
Sherry Kalczynski 12.25 Intermediate
MARCIA TIMMINS 12.20 Intermediate
Wayne Adams 12.20 Intermediate
Richard Cronk 12.15 Intermediate
Susie Crump 12.07 Intermediate
Nick Fader 12.00 Intermediate
Kathy Griffith 11.96 Intermediate
Stan Lipski 11.91 Intermediate
Lynn Dryer 10.75 Intermediate