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Low Light Hand Held Photos  


Madlyn Blom
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02/12/2018 10:57 am  

There has to be a setting for hand held night time shots? With a moving object!  The 100 ISO on F8 on manual (forgot speed setting) - didn't work.  Ideas?  I sure don't know how to measure feet away from the object!  

Winch Robert
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02/12/2018 11:11 am  

You always  try the tough stuff..

ISO 100 at night isn't going to work well, especially at f8 .  Unless your shutter speed is really slow. 


Jim Seaton
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02/12/2018 7:41 pm  

ISO 100 at f8 is what you would be using in bright sunlight. For handheld at night you need high ISO, wide aperture and a shutter speed  of 1/30 or higher. The attached photo was shot handheld at 1/60 @ f4 @ ISO 6400.

Gayle Fischer
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03/12/2018 8:10 am  

Pardon my bluntness, but... 

Sometimes people jump into Manual Mode before they fully understand the relationship between Aperture, SS, and ISO.   I get the impression that maybe you fall into this category.  

What I would recommend is that you switch to Auto Mode (or Program Mode, with ISO in Auto, but only if you're clear on what effect changing Shutter Speed or Aperture will give you)  take some night shots and examine the EXIF to see what the camera is giving you as far as settings go.  

Or...  most cameras have a number of "scene" modes, one of which should be something like "night" or "low light" or similar.  Switch to one of those when the setting calls for it, such as in your lighted boat photo.  

Once you fully understand how to set each of the parameters (Aperture, SS, and ISO) to work for you to get the image you want, THEN switch to Manual Mode.

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